Carpet Cleaning

The Best Carpet Cleaner in Moore, Norman, Mustang, Oklahoma, Midwest City, and Edmond, OK

If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner in Moore, or in any place around Oklahoma, then you have come to the right place! We at Precision Carpet Cleaning have almost 15 years to back our experience in the field, perfecting our profession in carrying out nothing less than state-of-the-art carpet cleaning every time.

What sets us Apart from other Carpet Cleaning Companies?

Precision Carpet Cleaning knows that every carpet and rug cleaning situation is unique and our highly skilled technicians take the time to do the absolute best job. Rather than focusing on the number of houses we service per day, we focus on excellence and work hard to ensure that at the end of the day, you are completely satisfied. Now that is a great edge among all the other carpet cleaning companies around the state.

At Precision, carpet cleaning is something to be taken seriously. That’s why we invest in the most powerful equipment and the most effective products available on the market in order to bring stellar carpet cleaning services to all our clients each time.

Clean carpets are the cornerstones of a healthy home. Allergens, chemicals, pet dander, pesticides, mold, bacteria and other pollutants are tracked into your home every day. Just like hard surface floor coverings, carpets need regular cleaning too.

No one cleans carpets more thoroughly or protects your investment better than Precision Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction. Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services flush out soil and contaminants leaving your carpet looking, feeling and smelling clean and healthy.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusing and misleading information out there. Who can you believe? A good place to start is the carpet manufacturers themselves.

Most manufacturers – including Shaw Industries, the leading manufacturer of carpet in the world – recommend the hot water extraction method. Precision Carpet Care specializes in this highly effective technique of hot water extraction and has used it as the primary method of carpet cleaning in thousands of homes across  Moore, Norman, Mustang, Midwest City, Okc and all the surrounding areas.

But we go one step further…you’ll also get a few extras to ensure your carpet is dried FAST. We’ve found that the hot water extraction method allows carpet to dry quickly resulting in cleaner carpets and happier clients. That’s what we specialize in.


All carpet cleaning and rug cleaning companies are NOT the same. The average carpet cleaning company uses only one or two steps to clean your carpet. Here at Precision Carpet Care, we use a minimum of 10 steps in our cleaning process to give you Maximum Soil and Spot Removal. We will carefully prepare your home or office for cleaning by moving any and all items off of the floor, placing covers over vulnerable furnishings and pre-vacuuming. We will treat spots and stains and pre-spray the entire carpet with our cleansing formula.

When we’re done cleaning the carpet in your home or office, you’ll be thrilled with the results. Try our cleaning services and experience the best carpet cleaning ever from Precision Carpet Care.

*Basic Cleaning may not include certain steps. Extra charges may apply.