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Precision Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction knows that no matter how much effort you put to make your home carpet as pristine as it was when it was brand new, stains, spills, dirt, and all sorts of accidental damages will always find their way to your nice and fuzzy home rug.

So, here are some carpet cleaning tips for our Moore residents.

How do you properly care for your home carpet? Vacuuming regularly will help prevent damages caused by dirt particles that accumulate inside the carpet. You might not notice it but over time soil, dust, and other particles build up as they find their way to the inner parts of your home rug. These particles rub against the carpet fiber, scratching them as you walk on top of it. This not only loosens and wears the fiber but takes out the shine as well, making some parts that are high in traffic appear faded and dull in color as compared to low traffic areas.

How often should you vacuum? Precision Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction recommends vacuuming your home carpet two times a week to prevent dirt buildup. But, make sure you use clean filters for bagless vacuum systems. These filters are accessible and you can wash them to make sure there is no dirt clogging up, as the vacuum suction power can be greatly reduced by dirty filers. For vacuums with bags, make sure that the bags are not more than half full. Otherwise, replace the bags with new and clean ones.

Don’t forget to vacuum at the right speed. Passing the vacuum too fast on the rug may not be able to remove hard and ground-in dirt particles inside. Do a slow back and forth pass over each area to remove dirt more effectively.

Soiled or stained carpets can be cleaned with a little water. Use a piece of cloth to blot the stain starting from the outer parts to the center. But do not scrub hard, as this can damage the carpet fibers.

Precision Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction also recommends “steam cleaning” or hot water extraction for carpets that need deep cleaning. This process uses hot water mixed with detergents and forced into the carpet to collect dirt particles. Then it is completely vacuumed out leaving your carpet free of any dirt. Precision Carpet Cleaning and Restoration does not recommend doing this method yourself by renting carpet-cleaning machines. The best way to clean your carpet in Moore is to have it done professionally. It takes skills learned by professionals in the industry to properly steam clean your home carpets and make sure no harmful residues are left on your rug.

Always clean your carpet before it becomes heavily filled with dirt. This will make cleaning and maintenance a breeze for you. Also, proper cleaning will help make your carpet last for many years.